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Revolutionize industries with IoT gateways, sensors, actuators and cloud integration for seamless connectivity.

Precision Power Consumption Monitoring Solution.

Empower your energy efficiency with a smart electricity metering platform offering consumption analytics, meter data management, alerts, and cost analysis.

Efficient water use, metered accurately.

Advanced water metering platform seamlessly integrates billing, meter data management, and connects to diverse water meters.

About Us

We specialise in providing turnkey IoT solutions to industries. Our solutions help achieve cost cutting, remote monitoring & AI enabled control on the edge.
We specialise in design and manufacture of customised IoT dataloggers, gateways and transmitters.

Our Solutions

Seamlessly linking machines & assets to web dashboards for industrial analytics.

Smart water metering system with bill generation & NRW mitigation.

Electricity metering Solution to cut electricity bills and monitor machine current.

Cold chain tracking solution to monitor & alert temperature anomalies on the move.

Our Products

Industries We Serve

With our tailor made systems and solutions we cater to the needs of a variety of industries not limited to

Water Supply Networks

Web dashboard, flow meters, pressure sensors & motorised valves automating water supply networks on the edge.


Legacy, semi automatic and automatic machines under one point of automation & control.

Smart Street Lights

Automation, dimming & scheduling of street lights to achieve energy efficiency.


Ad-hoc operations of hydraulics, pneumatics & earth movers on single screen analytics.

Chillers & Cold Fleet

Monitoring of temperature and humidity of chillers and cold transport vehicles.


Remote monitoring of tower crane operations - Pitch, Roll & Yaw to achieve transparency.

Motors & Pumps

Monitor, control and health check remotely operated motors and pumps to prevent breakdowns.


RFID & BLE enabled quick inventory scan solutions for stock movement in warehouses.

Case Studies

Water Pumping & Distribution Network
Water Flow Monitoring
Electricity Consumption Monitoring
Spinning Mills (Confidential & Exclusive Solution)
Fleet Management
Footwear Manufacturing
Water Pumping & Distribution Network

The pain

  • There are hundreds of water pumping stations operating in a disconnected manner.
  • High repairs cost due to frequent dry runs, coil burns etc.
  • Operational inefficiencies like over pumping, insufficient pumping and no guarantee on duration of pumping.
  • Lack of visibility on instrument failure.

The solution

  • Each pumping station’s control panel was connected to an IoT platform using our gateways.
  • Level, flow and pressure sensors were deployed and connected to the gateways.
  • A web dashboard was developed to view and control the processes in the pumping stations.

The Benefits

  • 13% reduction in maintenance and repairs costs.
  • Level, flow and pressure sensors were deployed and connected to the gateways.
  • Instant reporting of instrumentation failure on dashboards.
  • Operator independent AI enabled pumping.
Water Flow Monitoring

The pain

  • There are unmetered water consumption points in the establishment.
  • At times water is bought at a cost with no accounting on the consumption.
  • Unable to detect leaks and illegal tapping.
  • Unable to distribute the cost of water to respective consumers.

The solution

  • Each consumption point was fixed with a smart meter.
  • Smart meters connected to the cloud platform.
  • A web and mobile dashboard was developed to view consumption pattern and trigger alerts.
  • The web platform was integrated with a billing system to generate bills to the consumers.

The Benefits

  • 8% reduction in non revenue water.
  • Increase in water revenue by 15.5%.
  • Instant reporting of leaks and cracks to prevent water wastage.
  • Consumer consciousness and responsibility achieved.
Electricity Consumption Monitoring

The pain

  • There is no visibility on machine-wise power consumption on the factory floor.
  • Operators run the machines in peak hour time which was rather instructed to be run during non-peak hour time, leading to high energy bills.
  • Downtimes are not reported properly, and frequent outages are a sign of near future malfunction.

The solution

  • Power supply of each machine was provided through an IoT enabled panel or smart plug.
  • Panel meters were also connected to the IoT platform through our IoT gateways.
  • A web and mobile app was developed to receive the following alerts:
    • Peak hour alerts
    • Machine-wise consumption alerts
    • Down time alerts

The Benefits

  • Up to 13% reduction in energy bills.
  • Remote / automatic shutdown of power supply to the machine when operated in peak hour mode.
  • Instant reporting of downtime and hyper consumption beyond rating, calling for maintenance.
  • Insights into energy consumption pattern.
Spinning Mills (Confidential & Exclusive Solution)

The pain

  • Spinning mills involve cotton of different quality as raw material.
  • Often different raw materials are mixed by mistake in the multiple stages of processing it into yarn.
  • There is no traceability and guidance on which cotton should go into which process unit.
  • This leads to serious quality issues and hence raw material wastage.

The solution

  • This is confidential and exclusively developed for the Client.


  • 9.8% reduction in wastage of raw materials.
  • Improved production throughput by 7%.
  • Instant reporting of raw material mixing and stopping the machine.
  • Workers get guidance on how to move the output of one stage to another, preventing time wastage.
Fleet Management

The pain

  • About 250 vehicles are engaged in door-to-door garbage collection.
  • There is a necessity to ensure all vehicles trace the route and collect garbage as assigned.
  • Mileage monitoring and management of garbage collection is a challenge.
  • Ensuring distance coverage is mandatory.

The solution

  • Each vehicle was enabled with a cellular GPS tracker and enabled with a load cell.
  • Each vehicle’s location and mass of collected garbage was available in real-time on our NAVIGO platform.
  • NAVIGO also reported the average mileage of the vehicle, alerting when


  • Achieved improved door-to-door collection, leading to public appreciation.
  • Reduced fuel cost by 7.3%.
  • Increased on-road vehicles by 5% by instant reporting of vehicles in service, which led to shorter TAT for service.
Footwear Manufacturing

The pain

  • Molten rubber and die temperatures should meet for proper formation of footwear.
  • Often the heaters exceed or recede temperature thresholds leading to overburn of the rubber or improper shape of the product.
  • Overburn leads to removal of die from the process, scrubbing, and loss of time.
  • Raw material and production time are significantly lost.

The solution

  • Non-contact temperature sensors were deployed to sense the temperature of the die and the molten rubber.
  • Current sensors were deployed on the heater coils.
  • A motorized valve was channelized into the molten rubber nozzle.
  • All sensors and the valves were connected to our IoT controller and eventually to our IoT platform.
  • The controller takes charge of controlling the process. It takes configuration settings from the web platform.


  • 7% reduction in wastage of raw material.
  • Reduction in loss of production time.

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