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Pumping Station Console

Perfect Integration

One screen insight pad dashboard for controlling, monitoring and analysing operation of a water pumping station in a water distribution network. The application leverages our powerful IoT controllers enabled with 4G/LTE and remote control and reporting.

Pumps Control | Monitor | Schedule

Sumps Level | Alerts | Quantity

Pump & Actuator Control

Control up to two pumps and one valve/actuator in single pumping station

User Settable Schedules

Three user configurable schedules for turning ON/OFF the pump.

Configurable Sump Capacity

Allows user to configure dimensions of sump so the application can assess low & overflow conditions.

Flow & Pressure Monitoring

Integrations open for flow meters and pressure sensors.

IoT Controllers & PLC Support

Integration available for variety of IoT controllers and gateways.

Analytics & Reports

Info graphical analysis and printable reports of runtime, sump levels, pressure levels and flow rates.