VeDIoT – Versatile Dashboard for IoT

“A platform for IoT device management, data collection, processing and visualization” 

It supports device connectivity through standard IoT protocols like MQTT, CoAP, UDP and HTTP. The platform is offered on SAAS basis on cloud and on-premises deployments. VeDIoT combines scalability, fault-tolerance and modular implementation. In VeDIoT, the user gets to assess and view specific data in specific visualisations, unlike other dashboards that dictate standard forms of visualizations of trivial data. It also provides ability to create and manage alarms related to entities and devices

Provision, supervise and govern your IoT entities in a sheltered way using a rich set of APIs. The platform allows to define relations between devices, assets, customers and entities. It helps visualize data with built-in or custom widgets and flexible dashboards, allowing variants of dashboards being shared with customers.

Support multi-tenant installations, whereby a single tenant may have multiple tenant administrators and millions of devices and customers.


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