Multijet & Woltman Smart Water Meter

AMR enabled multi jet / Woltman, velocity inferential type, dry dial, straight reading in Kilo litres, horizontal flow, magnetically coupled water meter as per IS 779:94 for line sizes up to 25mm and conforming to ISO 4064(1) Class ‘B’ Standard for line sizes between 40mm and 300mm, suitable for horizontal and vertical line connections.

The meter is compacted with an AMR transmitter operating with multiple transmitter options like

  • LoRa
  • Nb IoT
  • GPRS
  • WMBus

It has been devised to allow wireless remote reading in diverse applications ranging from the domestic sector to the commercial and industrial use cases. The radio module connects to the magnetic pointer on the dial and allows the reading of the counter without restrictions of access to the site in direct reading mode or AMR (automatic meter reading). Battery life of the AMR unit is promised between 2 to 5 years depending on the ping interval required by the client.


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