Building Automation with BACNET

Salieabs' architecture of the BACnet system for building automation involves cloud server, IoT gateway and the controllers. The cloud server is the central point of data aggregation and distribution. The cloud server is accessed by the IoT gateway(s). Each IoT gateway has facility to connect to the internet, parse API calls to the cloud server in order to assert data and commands. As the data and commands are received from the cloud server, the software/application running on the IoT gateway will interpret them into control actions that will be performed by the routers and controllers. The controllers are the end points of physical communication with the sensors and actuators. Where there is availability of the ethernet backbone, BACnet controllers can be used and where there is not, a 3-wire or 5-wire MS/TP LAN can be established


  • IoT, M2M and M2S system development
  • Industrial automation and control
  • Building automation
  • Machine interconnection